Inspiring Stillness in the Everyday


Behind Beholden Life®

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by :) Welcome to our crazy little endeavor we call Beholden Life®.  We are a little mom and pop shop dreamed up, ran out of our home, created and designed by Steph and supported like crazy by Dan (husband).  

In 2015, Dan said "Steph, you should sell your designs". I said "Nah..." (but secretly mulled over and named the idea and started dreaming what it could look like.) Six months later, I launched what was then Beholden Prints.  After having our son, Beholden enabled me to continue creating in a flexible way that fit our new season and vision for our family. So here we are, two babies and five years later. I'm drawing up designs and sharing thoughts that hopefully inspire moments of stillness in the midst of your ordinary everyday (in the midst of MY ordinary everyday - hello...dishes...diapers...laundry), and Dan dreaming up what we can do next. Steph saying "nah" and six months later...jumping in.  

The Vision

We hope to grow Beholden Life® into a lifestyle brand that truly does encourage stillness in the midst of your everyday through encouragement and products that become touch points of truth throughout your everyday crazy. We want to inspire moments that bring you back to center. Moments where you slow down and learn to embrace the quiet to better hear the whisper of our mighty Lord, Jesus Christ. We want this to be more than a shop. We hope that one day it is a community of people who are intentionally living a Beholden Life®.

To Sum Up

I hope you find rest for your heart here. I hope you feel like you can breathe...I hope the stillness I've been learning to practice over the years brings fresh hope to your soul. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being here, for visiting, for reading, for shopping, for supporting us in this crazy little venture.