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inspiring moments of stillness...


Steph (founder + designer) is what she calls "painfully deep".  In her thoughts and quiet/not-so-quiet days since her babies came along, she's been thinking A LOT about the idea of beholding- and what that means even in the chaotic  days while raising littles. About how we become what we behold. About how to practice making space in her own life to create pauses and just spends a minute being still, being human, beholding God- gaining perspective, being transformed.  So that's the heart behind Beholden...that's how our first prints came into being. We hope to design products that would somehow bring a bit of stillness/celebration/fun into your everyday moments.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for supporting this crazy little endeavor.  We are thrilled to live Beholden lives with you.  Many blessings :)