Enough script (white acrylic)

Enough script (white acrylic)


Our Beholden "Enough" sign was hand lettered by Steph and then carefully cut to order.  We love the spirit of hope in this word, which is why it hangs above our bed. Perfect reminder for the start and the end of the day.


Made out of 3/8" white acrylic, this sign has a delicate look and feel to it. Makes a great addition to your galley wall or can stand alone. Looks great on colored paint, but if you're all about white, it could have a subtle look on white as well.

Wall hanging directions:

While hanging hardware is not included, it is super easily to tackle!  (If I can do it...you can!)
Just hang it by placing it on the wall the way you'd like and then choosing loops of your choose to pound nails (2 is best so that it is well balanced), hang on little picture frame hook like we did in the middle, or use 3M strips like some of our friends prefer.

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