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Our Favorite Reads [2019]

Fact…I love to read.

It’s one habit I’m not trying to break anytime soon. Over the past year specifically, there are some books that I’ve shared with as many friends as would let me. I find myself texting my friends images of books with the text “you need to read this!” (because of course they want to). ;) Below are those very same books-

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Rest is a Statement of Faith

Today is the first day I’ve gotten up before my kids to work. We will see how this goes. But, I’m feeling like a rockstar already. I’ve had a hard time finding space for some things in this new season of two kids- specifically, Beholden. I want to prioritize the things that are most important and give my time and attention to the people and tasks in a way that is sustainable and healthy.

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Slowing Down

"Busyness is an illness of the spirit" - Eugene Peterson. I've been thinking about stillness, and attempting to practice being still for years. Some seasons were easier, motherhood seems to be a tougher one to navigate that for me. Regardless, this quote has captured my attention for the past few weeks. At first it had me thinking- "is that true?" or "isn't that a little extreme?

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