#Scratch10- 30 Day Challenge


Scratch 10 things a day for 30 days = 300 items! **

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately. We bought a house a few months ago and I’m still trying to figure out where things should go . I’ve been unsure of where to start- it seems like every drawer has some clutter, and it’s just enough to make me feel like my entire house is chaos. This year I’ve been working on downsizing, but since moving things have felt a bit out of control. I know that everyone seems to be talking about minimizing and it can be overwhelming (or annoying), but yesterday I tried something and it felt magical, so here’s your invitation to join me on my personal challenge. 

If this resonates with you- if you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you’d like to simplify: 1) Get rid of 10 items every day for the next 30 days. 
^ that’s it!

I’m talking unmatched socks, extra knives, glasses you keep but don’t need, that weird kitchen gadget you STILL haven’t used but bought for $19.99, etc. 

Start there (with me) and see where we end up. I started this yesterday… in the knife drawer. I had a hard time convincing myself to get started because I COULD use that extra knife eventually, but as I painfully parted with the first couple of items, I soon I found an extra sock here, a few knives there, a pair of shoes I’ve one once but will never wear again because they hurt my feet…etc. It’s hard to explain what happened in my mind. I did it right before bed and as I fell asleep I was tempted to get back out of bed to see how many other things I could clean out. My husband actually said “wow- you got a second wind!” (it was midnight, I go to bed around 10pm). It was addicting. I felt the tiniest bit of relief over the house, and getting things in order started to feel doable! Anyways… from the taste I had yesterday, I wanted to invite those of you who feel overwhelmed and are tired of picking up and organizing what feels like too much to join me. (this isn’t for you friends who already only own 1 pair of shoes).  At the end of 30 days we will have parted with 300 items. Some of it will be garbage, some of it will be bigger items that you could sell and reallocate the $$ towards a family trip, give to the poor, or put towards your debt. I plan to have a garage sale before fall, so I will be putting all of the items in the garage until the big day. 

Anyways, I know this is a book- but if anyone is joining me, I'd love to know- , wave at me, give me a thumbs up or an “i’m in!” over on instagram and I’d love to check in with you and see how you’re feeling as we go through it- tag us at @thebeholdenlife or #beholdenlife and show me how it’s going- I’d love to see! I’ll be posting more on insta stories! 

Stephanie McCloskey