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2019- Hear the Whisper


I’m one of those people who actually get energy from this idea. I know it’s technically just another day, new month…but it FEELS different. It feels like a new beginning - it energizes me. The possibilities… so many possibilities. so I’m going to leverage that to my advantage. If you feel at all the same way- or would LIKE to…

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Spring Cleaning: Purging Our Homes and Our Hearts

Ahhhh.  Spring.  Does anyone else get an itch to not only clean everything in sight, but also to get rid of ALL THE THINGS as soon as March and April roll around?  I'm suddenly tired of all of the "hygge vibes" and want everything to feel as fresh, clean, open, and simple as possible.  I want to paint everything white and suddenly become a true minimalist (which I, unashamedly, am not). 

...I want to BREATHE DEEPLY.

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Grumbling or Gratitude? (with FREE printable!)

Thankfulness trees, gratitude lists, and 30 day Instagram challenges...we are in the month of Thanksgiving, for sure.  

And yet, it's also a month of changing weather, chilly winds, and less sunshine. (at least here in PA).  I admit that there has probably been more grumbling than thanksgiving on my tongue in the past week.  Dreary, cold day follows dreary, cold day and this sunshine-loving woman has a hard time remembering that God is still good even when it's 40 degrees and cloudy. (I wish I was kidding...) 

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Slowing Down

"Busyness is an illness of the spirit" - Eugene Peterson. I've been thinking about stillness, and attempting to practice being still for years. Some seasons were easier, motherhood seems to be a tougher one to navigate that for me. Regardless, this quote has captured my attention for the past few weeks. At first it had me thinking- "is that true?" or "isn't that a little extreme?

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