NEW YEARS PAUSE (and free printable)


I know it’s pretty against the grain of our culture to actually pause in the midst of holidays, (or heck, in the midst of any week). That being said,  I truly know of no better way to approach the new year than carving out some time, grabbing a journal and a pen and taking a pause to reflect on the past year and get vision for the coming year. When I pause, good things happen. I have never left feeling like it was a waste. I get clarity on the past and hope for the future. I leave the time feeling refreshed by heaven and clear once again on who I am- a daughter of the Most High. 

If you don't know where to start- start with a pen, paper, and an expectant heart. Start a conversation with God asking him questions. If you ask for clarity, He is happy to give it. If you ask for His heart for the new year and for your life and the ways you can follow His plan specifically this year, He will give it. So if you haven't already, you still have time! Carve out some time this week (I prefer a couple of hours but work with what you've got! Grab a journal, pen and reflect on 2017 and get vision and encouragement for the next year. You might leave surprised about how much vision was bottled up inside just needing the quiet for a canvas. 

My New Years Pause is truly a time I look forward to every year. For me, my brain is never as clear as when I make some space to pause and process. I know everyone is different but if that resonates at all with you, give it a go and let me know how it goes! I'd love to hear over @beholdenprints ! 


To encourage you to PAUSE this New Year, we are gifting you our PAUSE printable here


Stephanie McCloskey