Every Purchase Counts. (Now Donating 10% of Our Profits!)


This week, we celebrate an extraordinary moment in American history. Every fourth of July we gather with loved ones, proudly wear our patriotic colors, and watch fireworks in red, white, and blue because we live in a nation where, in many cases, opportunity and freedom abound! 

As we celebrate our liberties, it's important to bear in mind those who don't have access to the same opportunities. In some cases, we should not only think about those who don't share our freedoms, but also allow our hearts to be moved to do something (even if it's small). Which is why, now, with the simple click of button and an ordering of a Beholden product, you have the opportunity to sow into the freedom of a person on the other side of the globe, from right where you are. How?


A scary word for some.

If you're like me, you might hear the term and think:
What does that even mean?
I just came here to buy a pretty mug. 
How does micro-finance fit in with hand-lettered prints, metal laser-cut signs and beautiful designs?

Microfinance, simplified, means opportunity. And now it means that the Beholden mug you’ve been eyeing for your fellow mama, or that Beholden print you’ve considered gifting to a friend, or that metal sign you’ve been longing to hang on your living room wall is more than a piece of decor or a gift... but a do-good, act of love for someone who could use a little support.

Beholden is now donating 10% of our profits to partner with our global sisters, mothers, and friends to champion their dreams and help eliminate the travesties of poverty holding them down. What this specifically looks like for us is partnering with organizations who work with local churches and micro-finance institutions that are dedicated to serve female entrepreneurs experiencing poverty by providing access to small (micro) loans, a dependable place to save their earnings, and various financial services to help women around the world to invest in their businesses and provide for their families.

Why does this matter to us?
Well, because we believe it matters to God. (Matt. 25:35-45, Hebrews 13:16, 1 John 3:17)

We are convicted that the good news of Jesus is transformative both inside and out. As children of God, we have been given seed in our hands- and this seed is not just for us and ours. It’s also for those around us. We believe that when God’s family comes alongside those who are disenfranchised, marginalized, or living in underserved communities... dignity is restored, dreams are financed, families are provided for, and the Kingdom of Jesus advances!

So yes, microfinance and mugs now have a lot more in common- and we're pretty happy about it :). Behind every product, is a human heart carrying a dream. They already have the dreams. We just get to help bring that dream to life. What better way to let freedom ring than to invest in the freedom of others? 

Happy fourth! 

Stephanie McCloskey