behind beholden...

Dan said "You should sell your designs." Steph said "Nah..." Six months later, Steph gave it a name and has been working to shape Beholden into  something true to her original intention since.  After having their son, Beholden enabled Steph to continue designing in a flexible way that fit their new season of life, and for that she is so grateful. So here we are,  Steph drawing up designs that hopefully inspire moments of stillness in the midst of the mundane and ordinary, and Dan dreaming up what we can do next. Steph saying "nah" and six months later...jumping in.  

We are husband and wife, both learning to practice love and patience with each other and others on a daily basis. We like nothing more than to be with each other and have a blast watching our son exploring the world. Steph is the designing, administrative, marketing one and Dan is the visioneering, systems  guy. 

We hope to grow Beholden into a lifestyle brand that truly does encourage stillness in your day, moments that bring you back to center, that whisper of God's goodness. We want this to be more than a shop, but a tribe of people who are intentionally living a "Beholden Life".

Our designs are inspired from Steph's personal journey with the Lord and through this life, celebrating the big and small things, learning to "be still and know", "let it go" and learning to make space for those things in the midst of life's todos. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being here, for visiting, for reading, for supporting us in this crazy little venture. Thank you for visiting and shopping Beholden.